Good mowing habits

Good practices

Your mowing habits have a huge impact on the health of your lawn. 

Increasing the mowing height will improve the lawn’s health, density and root system. In addition, the germination rate of weed seeds will be reduced. A good mowing height is 3″. Lawns should never be cut below 3 inches, with the exception of the last mowing before winter, which can be done at 2 inches. Also, sharpen your mower blades, a sharp blade will reduce the possibility of disease and produce fewer torn white tips. Recycle grass clippings, these clippings add organic nitrogen to the lawn and do not add thatch. 


You can cut immediately after treatment if you use granular fertilizer. For a liquid treatment, we recommend waiting 24 hours. However, you can cut your lawn 3 hours after a liquid treatment, as long as you leave the clippings in place.

When the lawn is dry and not too long, it's ideal to recycle the clippings, i.e., leave them on the lawn. Most manufacturers offer attachments for mowers to shred grass clippings. Grass clippings should not be visible. This practice has several advantages, including conserving soil moisture and acting as an additional lawn treatment.

Cutting the lawn to 2 inches high on the last mowing before winter will prevent pockets of air between the snow and the soil. Otherwise, if pockets of air are created, this will allow field mice to circulate during the winter and cause considerable damage to your lawn.