General maintenance and horticulture

Weekly lawn mowing service

Lawn mowing is performed weekly from May to October. If necessary, the specialist may leave the lawn uncut to promote its health, especially during dry spells. A minimum cutting height of 3 inches will be prioritized and adapted to your lawn’s needs. What’s more, our equipment is adapted so that we can practice the grasscycling technique. Of course, the trimmer and blower will be used on a weekly basis as needed.  

Grounds opening and/or closing service

The opening service consists of raking your lawn to clean it properly. It also includes cutting back perennials in your flowerbeds, which require this service at the start of the season.  

The closing service also includes raking your lawn and leaf collection in the fall (1 single visit included). Closure also includes cutting back perennials in your flowerbeds requiring this service in preparation for winter. 

Bed weeding service

Our technicians will visit you from time to time, depending on the needs of your flowerbeds, to weed and keep them clean. Strapping and pruning of shrubs/perennials are not included but can be requested as extras.

Hedge and/or shrub trimming service

Hedge or shrub trimming service is generally offered 1 or 2 times during the season, depending on needs. All waste collection is included in the price.

Topdressing service

Does your lawn need a boost? Is it sparse and lacking density? We’ve got you covered. Lawn seeding is an important cultural practice for improving grass density. The topdressing service consists of placing new soil and seed in areas requiring this treatment. After our visit, don’t forget to water to keep it moist for 21 days in the sun and/or 15 days in the shade, depending on the location of the topdressing. This service is available in spring or fall.