Éco Jardins

Éco Jardins, Environmental Sustainability

Éco Jardin Vision

At Groupe Jardins Brossard, we strive to stay abreast of developments in environmental sustainability. We aim to achieve ambitious social and ecological goals while meeting our clients’ needs responsibly. Environmental sustainability is at the heart of our mission.

Why We Act

NWe believe it is essential to take concrete steps to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future. Here’s how we act to achieve this :

Travel Optimization

With technologies implemented in 2020-2021 and optimization of our snow removal and lawn maintenance routes, we significantly reduce fuel consumption by avoiding unnecessary trips. This reinforces our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Recycling and Recovery

Commitment to recycling and recovering as many materials as possible in our daily operations.

Electric Equipment

Monitoring the latest technologies to migrate to electric equipment as soon as possible.


Implementing insulation measures to improve the energy efficiency of our facilities.

Green Energy

Promoting the use of renewable energy and highlighting collective environmental projects.

Paper Reduction

Adopting digital practices for contracts, advertising, billing, and online payments, thereby reducing our paper consumption.

Specific Initiatives

  • Eco-certified Products

    All our lawn care products are now eco-certified, ensuring an environmentally friendly approach.

  • Digital Communications

    Prioritizing electronic communications and social networks to reduce our paper consumption.

  • Electric Vehicles

    Planning to replace our vehicles with electric ones to minimize our environmental impact.

  • Promoting Best Practices

    Encouraging best fuel usage practices in the transportation sector.

Social and Environmental Impact

We are committed to building a fair and sustainable economy. As a local business, we believe in diversity, equity, and inclusion, both within and outside our organization.

As a leader in environmental sustainability, we have a duty to take concrete action to reduce our ecological footprint. Together, we move towards a more sustainable and equitable future. Reducing our carbon footprint and using renewable energy are pillars of our strategy.