Miscellaneous damage


Ideally, establish an area for your dog’s needs to avoid damage to the entire surface of the property. Whenever possible, irrigate immediately to dilute your dog’s urine, otherwise you’ll have to repair these areas. 



Sharpen your lawnmower blades. A sharp blade will reduce the possibility of developing disease and produce fewer “torn white tips”.


Don’t cut your lawn when it’s under stress from lack of water or hot temperatures. Your mowing habits have a huge impact on the health of your lawn. Mowing height is important. The lawn should never be cut below 3″, except for the last mowing in the fall. 


Fungi are the result of the decomposition of organic matter and/or wood such as old tree roots in the soil, combined with periods of prolonged humidity, which forms fungi. There is no treatment for fungus. Applying lime will only slow their growth. In the case of “Manderly” black earth peat, you’ll see the appearance of small fungi at the time of planting, but they’ll disappear once the organic matter has finished decomposing. There is no danger to the survival of your lawn.