Condo and commercial snow removal

Customized snow removal solutions for condominiums and commercial spaces

In the condominium and commercial snow removal division, we have several types of tractors, shovels and snowblowers adapted to your needs depending on the size of your project. Visits the next day, for example for displaced cars, can also be planned between the building manager and us in order to optimize snow removal.

Our advantages:

  • Free snow alert
  • Resource person assigned and fully dedicated to your project facilitating communication and management
  • Equipment suitable for all parking sizes
  • Routes and drivers dedicated only to the condo/commercial division 
  • Additional services offered (abrasive, moving and/or snow removal) 


Yes, we can. The person in charge should simply send us a list of phone numbers to register.

You must send a request to indicating the address where the abrasive is to be applied. Please allow 24-48 business hours to process your application. Each request is billable according to the amount of abrasive applied (unless otherwise indicated) and you will have 30 days to pay this invoice.

The cost varies from project to project. When it comes time to move and/or remove snow, following your request, a member of our team will be happy to evaluate the situation and send you an appropriate quote. Normally, we charge by the hour or by the number of scheduled hauls. Please allow approximately 10 to 15 working days for your request to be processed.

Yes. We have a liability insurance of 5,000,000 $. Proof may be provided upon request.