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2021-08-12 14:07:03


Some grass areas are continually dying, which thins lawn’s density over time. In order to maintain turf density, seeding of bare spots must be part of your annual maintenance program. How to repair a lawn in the spring: 1. Vigorously rake the damaged spots 2. Add a small layer of garden soil 3. Put the seeds […]

2021-08-12 14:25:06


UNDER WATERING Grass plants are composed of 90% water. Any change in this water composition rapidly puts the lawn under stress, resulting in a shallow root system and thinning turf. A total of 1 inch of water should be applied per week in one or two applications. OVER WATERING Too much water contributes to poor […]

2021-08-12 14:25:59


HORTICULTURAL CALENDAR FOR YOUR LAWN At Groupe Jardins Brossard and Traitements de Pelouse La Prairie, our goal is to maximize the quality and appearance of your lawn, with our nutritive solutions and jointly with your good lawn maintenance habits. APRIL Avoid walking on a very wet lawn. For  lawns on large arteries where salt is applied during […]

2021-08-12 14:52:46


In 2006, the province of Quebec banished ‘Killex’ an excellent product to control weeds. Killex is still available in some Canadian provinces and in the U.S.A. The only legal active ingredient left to control weeds is the Dicamba (one of the three ingredients of Killex). This product works well on several weeds such as dandelions […]

2021-08-12 14:46:43


For several years, the hairy Chinch bugs have caused more damages to lawn than in the past. This pest has become a frequent enemy of the turf. This insect is very small, adults are 4 mm long. Chinch bugs reside in the thatch area. As the weather warms up, adults move into open areas and […]

2021-08-12 14:38:05


White grub (European chafer, Japanese beetle and June beetle) population growth in Brossard, La Prairie and Candiac (Roussillon) areas and is causing damages to lawns. Grubs are the C-shaped larvae of different beetles more often European Chafer or Japanese beetle. They feed on the roots of turf during the spring and fall. Infestation of grubs […]

2021-08-12 14:34:20


In the last few years, we have noticed more and more lawn diseases. They are caused by microscopic fungi that develop in humid lawn. Residential treatment is prohibited by federal, provincial and municipal regulations. No lawn treatment company offers fungicide treatments for lawns. In general, lawn diseases can be corrected with good maintenance practices and […]

2021-08-12 14:31:43


DOG URINE Ideally there should be a specific lawn area for your dog’s needs to avoid damage all over the lawn. When possible, irrigate immediately to dilute the urine of your dog, otherwise you will have to repair these areas. MOWER BLADE Sharpen your mower blade. A sharp blade will reduce the possibility of developing […]

2021-08-12 14:28:06


FIELD MICE Field mice are small mice that spend the winter under the snow. We often find them near empty or wooded land. To reduce their presence, the last mowing of the year at the end of October or early November, should be shorter (2″). Baits are also available at the Garden Center, however their effectiveness […]

2021-08-12 14:19:40


Your mowing habits have a huge impact on the health of your lawn. Increase the mowing height to improve the health and density of the lawn as well as a deeper root system, reducing weed seeds germination rates. Lawns should be mowed at 2 ½ to 3 inches. Sharpen your mower blade. A sharp blade will […]

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