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White grub (European chafer, Japanese beetle and June beetle) population growth in Brossard, La Prairie and Candiac (Roussillon) areas and is causing damages to lawns.

Grubs are the C-shaped larvae of different beetles more often European Chafer or Japanese beetle. They feed on the roots of turf during the spring and fall. Infestation of grubs can be devastating to turf, causing large brown areas of dead grass which can be peeled back like a carpet. Grubs can destroy a lawn within a short period of time. In addition, skunks can dig a lawn looking for this delicious meal. Carefully follow our instructions after the treatment to ensure maximum control. Spring treatments are not recommended and not effective because the larvae are at the end of their cycle.

Inspect your lawn. If you see patches of damaged, torn-up or browning turf, give us a call. A small problem is much easier and less expensive to solve than one that spreads through the entire lawn.


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