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Ideally there should be a specific lawn area for your dog’s needs to avoid damage all over the lawn. When possible, irrigate immediately to dilute the urine of your dog, otherwise you will have to repair these areas.

Sharpen your mower blade. A sharp blade will reduce the possibility of developing diseases and produce less torn white tips.

Do not cut your lawn in times of stress due to a lack of water or too hot temperatures. Your mowing habits have a tremendous impact on the health of your lawn. The height is very important and the lawn should be cut 2 ½ – 3 inches.


Mushrooms are the result of the decomposition of organic matter in the soil combined with periods of prolonged moisture. It could also be tree roots combined with moisture that decomposes and forms fungi. There is no treatment against mushroom. Apply lime will only slow down their growth. In the case of installation of black earth sod (Manderly type), you will see the appearance of small mushrooms during establishment but they will disappear when the organic matter will have finished decompose. There is no danger for the survival of your lawn.

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