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Grass plants are composed of 90% water. Any change in this water composition rapidly puts the lawn under stress, resulting in a shallow root system and thinning turf. A total of 1 inch of water should be applied per week in one or two applications.
Too much water contributes to poor rooting, thatch accumulation and could lead to lawn diseases.


When can I irrigate my lawn after a treatment?
Granular: no delay
Liquid without weed control = wait a minimum of 3 hours.
Liquid with weed control = you must wait a minimum of 6 hours.
Contrary to the weekly watering of 1 inch, the first watering, following a treatment of fertilization must be lighter, 1/2 inch for example, to maximize the output of fertilizer.

If it rains slightly after your treatment, do you have to start the treatment again?
No, not after a light rain. If there is a torrential rain; call us in order to repeat the treatment. We will redo the treatment free of charge, in a few days, in order to avoid fertilizer burns.

When is the best moment to water my lawn?
When watering is necessary, it must ideally be made early in the morning (between 4:00 and 10:00). At this time of the day the climatic conditions, like the temperature and the wind, are adequate the evaporation rate of water. During this period, the presence of water on the foliage of the lawn will dry quickly to prevent the development of grass diseases. The lawn can also be watered in the evening (between 18:00 and 22:00). However, the risk of developing diseases is more important because the foliage will dry less quickly than when it is early sprinkled in the morning. Press review, FIHOQ 2008

How do I irrigate my lawn?
If your lawn must be irrigated, choose rather in-depth and less frequent watering than short surface watering. A watering carried out at the same place for a long period of time will allow the infiltration of water as well as a development of the deep root system. Your lawn will be more resistant to the periods of dryness because it will be able to seek water depth in the soil.
Press review, FIHOQ 2008


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