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Your mowing habits have a huge impact on the health of your lawn. Increase the mowing height to improve the health and density of the lawn as well as a deeper root system, reducing weed seeds germination rates. Lawns should be mowed at 2 ½ to 3 inches. Sharpen your mower blade. A sharp blade will reduce disease potential and produce less “white tips”. Leave the clippings on the lawn. Those clippings add organic nitrogen and will not add thatch to your lawn.


How long do I have to wait to cut my lawn following your treatment?
You can cut your lawn immediately after the treatment if it is a granular fertilizer. For a liquid fertilizer, I would recommend to wait a minimum of 24 hours, after a small rain or a light watering. On the other hand, you can cut your lawn 3 hours after a liquid treatment has been applied if you leave the grass clippings in place.

Should I leave the grass clippings on the lawn?
When the lawn is dry and not too long, it is ideal to recycle or mulch the grass clippings. The majority of the lawn mower manufacturers offer attachments in order to mulch the grass in small size clipping. They should not be visible. This practice has several advantages: preserve the moisture of the soil and act like an additional treatment of the lawn, just to name two.


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