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White grub treatment

One (1) preventive treatment is done with Merit insecticide. Grubs are the C-shaped larvae of different beetles (95% European Chafer). They feed on the roots of turf during the spring and fall. Infestation of grubs can be devastating to turf, causing large brown areas of dead grass which can be peeled back like a carpet. Grubs can destroy a lawn within a short period of time. Carefully follow our instructions after this treatment to ensure maximum control. (Watering 5-10 mm after application). Choose this service if your lawn or lawns in your neighborhood had white grub damages in the past. For Brossard’s residents we use nematodes, a bio-pesticide.

Inspect your lawn. If you see patches of damaged, torn-up or browning turf, give us a call. A small problem is much easier and less expensive to solve than one that spreads through the whole lawn.


Why do I have skunks on my lawn?
The presence of skunks or birds on your lawn is probably due to a population of grubs in the grass. If there is excavation (see pictures), there is no doubt about the presence of these lawn destroying insects.

Do I need grub control on a yearly basis?
Yes, if your lawn is new or to your liking, it is a good insurance policy for a few dollars. There are three types of white grub causing problems in our area. The most devastators are the European chafer and the Japanese beetle which have a life cycle of 1 year. They lay eggs in July. You will see the first larvae towards the end of August. You will notice some damages in the fall but mostly in the spring, caused by skunks. If your lawn or those in your neighborhood had damages, I strongly recommend a treatment.

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