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Residential snow removal

Groupe Jardins Brossard, Déneigement Lanctôt and Déneigement M. Brossard, are the leaders in Brossard, Candiac and La Prairie, with a fleet of more than 88 tractors and over 8000 satisfied customers. We are pleased to offer you the most efficient, conscientious, fast snow removal service and also very early in the morning.
Our snow info-line (450-444-7222 # 1) and Home page Operations Summary will keep you inform of our operations.

When should I move my cars onto the street?
As soon as the streets are cleaned-up, usually around 8:00 am, or depending on the time of the precipitation, the final clean-up could be done later. Consult our snow info-line (450-444-7222 # 1) or our Home page Operations Summary for snow removal hours for the final clean-up details. Normally there is a final clean-up after 10:00 am.

Can I add some additional post to establish the limit of my driveway?
It is a great idea; additional posts could reduce the risk of damages.

Which cities do you deserve?
The sectors of Brossard (Les Jardins de Brossard), Candiac (Lanctôt Snow Removal), La Prairie (M. Brossard Snow Removal) and Saint-Lambert (Groupe Jardins Brossard) at the residential, multi-unit, condo and commercial levels.

What happen when the snow removal equipment is broken?
We have many replacement tractors and snow blowers in case of broken equipment. We also have 2 mobile units for emergency repairs on the road. Fruthermore most of our snow removal equipment is stored in our heated garage and is inspected before and after every storm by our mechanics. 

Will the snow removal equipment damage my unistone driveway?
Our snow blowers are equipped with a special blade that will not leave any traces of rust on the unistone. However, if your driveway has ruts or irregular slopes, all snow blowers may leave small marks.

What if my cars were in the driveway at the time of the final clean-up?
You can communicate with our customer service department during the snow storm or on the following morning. We always have snow removal equipments on the road to finalize the operations.

Do you use snowplows or snow blowers for residential home?
We only use snow blowers. Our tractors are equipped with 92’’ wide rear-mounted blowers, which give our drivers more flexibility to blow the snow in more appropriate areas. In other words the issue with not having enough space to put the snow or having to put it only in a pile on the corner of your driveway is avoided. Furthermore, blowers cut much straighter edges through the snow than do plows allowing for a much neater and tidier finished look. Plus we do not put snow in the streets which is prohibited by the cities.

What is the minimum snowfall amount before you provide service?
Our minimum snowfall amount is 5 cm (2’’) or otherwise specify on the contract.

What is the duration of your contract?
The contract period is from November 1, to April 15 or otherwise specify on the contract.

Will my driveway be cleared before 6:00 am?
that 66% of the driveways will be cleared by 6:00 am and the other 33% by 7:00 am.

For instance, if it starts snowing before midnight, all driveways will be cleaned once before 6:00 am. If it starts snowing after midnight, we will send our tractors out around 2-3 am meaning that 75% of the driveways will be cleared by 6:00 am and the other 25% by 7:00 am. Of course, when the snow starts falling only at 3:00 am or 4:00 am we won’t send the tractors out until 6:00 am! Usually by this time there isn’t enough snow to prevent anyone from getting out of their driveway. Please use the chart above to gauge when you can expect to see us.

Is there a problem if a car is parked in my driveway?
No, our drivers are trained to work around it. And, generally, by the time the driver makes his second round (4-5 hours later) parked cars have usually been moved, allowing for full cleaning of the driveway. If you expect to have a car in the driveway when we arrive, we recommend that you
place it as close to the top and side of the driveway as possible to allow the driver maximum accessibility, or to move it onto the street if possible. If not, the driver will at least clear the snow behind the car including any snow banks left by the city plow. Please note that for safety and efficiency, we do not ask our drivers to get out of their tractors and knock on your door to get you to move your vehicle(s). It is the customer’s responsibility to clear the driveway in order to assure proper snow removal. You could also call the office any time after the snow storm and/or the next morning and our special team will go back and clean your driveway.

My driveway is gravel. Can you still blow the snow?
Yes, however you should be aware that some of the gravel on your driveway may get blown onto your lawn. Although our drivers make every effort to be as careful as possible it is impossible to avoid some gravel displacement until the ground freezes and the stones harden into places.

What about the water valve in my driveway?
It is the responsibility of the home owner to contact the city if a water valve cap is protruding the driveway. You should request a service technician to lower the pipe and cap to the level of the driveway. This service is free of charge. If the cap is not level with the driveway, it may very likely get hit and blown onto the lawn! Please make sure the city takes care of this situation before the first snow otherwise the city may charge you for repairs in the spring.

What is your repair policy?
Our drivers are required to report to their foremen and on their worksheet, at the time of the incident, any damages caused to your property. This information is then extracted from the worksheet at the end of the shift and logged for repair in the spring unless it is of an urgent nature. Exclusions to this rule include any and all items left in the immediate work area of our equipment (i.e. on the driveway). Examples would be flower pots, planters, downspouts, recycling bins, garbage cans, basketball nets, children’s toys, and extension cords. Our office staff or drivers should report damages directly to you at the time of the incident, but you can always verify with our office staff, the day following the incident, if you have any concerns.

Do you spread salt on the driveway if it is icy?
No, not on residential home driveway. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to apply any necessary abrasives especially on a driveway with a slope going down toward the house.

When are the driveways markers installed and removed?
All of our driveway markers go up by November 1st and are generally removed during the first week of April. Please do not throw the markers away. If you want to remove them yourself, prior to April, please place them beside your garage or house and we will pick them up at a later date.

Your driver is blowing snow on my neighbor’s property. What can be done about this?
Please notify our office the day after the snowstorm when you see this happen. We will bring it to the attention of the driver and make sure that this does not happen again. Please do not hesitate to advise us.

What training do your drivers receive?
The most thorough in the business! In October of every year, each new recruit is trained on the navigation of his route and familiarized with the technical aspects of his equipment. They also perform hours of practical driving exercises, and are thoroughly briefed on safety issues surrounding both the public and themselves. They are supplied with literature and provided with hands-on training, so do not be surprised if you see our tractors out on the road before winter, they’re just practicing. We believe that preparedness reduces stress, the risk of damages, and the loss of time which ultimately translates into providing a better service to our customers.

If I am at the end of a route does this mean I will get poor service?
No, the service is the same for every one of our customers; just the timing is different. We try to reverse our routes so that if you were at the end of a route one time you are at the beginning the next time! Our routes are organized to provide you with the best and most efficient service possible based upon your geographic location. No preference is given or favoritism exercised. Everyone has equal priority.

My driveway is inclined downward the house and the snow is only removed close to the street?
This situation indicates that the driver determined that the driveway was too slippery and the risk of sliding and breaking the garage door, the concrete, the brick, interlock wall… was too big. When this situation occurs, apply salt to the part where snow was removed and on the next round, the tractor will be able to go down lower. You can also remove the snow close to the wall to allow the tractor to blow that snow and avoid the formation of hard snow or ice on the side of the walls.

Do you offer any summer services?
Yes, we offer lawn care: fertilization, aeration, weeds and white grubs control.

Are you hiring?
Yes, we are always looking for reliable, conscientious, hard-working, and honest employees. Please contact us at 450-444-7222 # 228 for more information regarding available positions and remunerations offered.

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