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Crabgrass and oxalis treatment

One preventive application is done in May to prevent the germination of a few varieties of weeds but especially crabgrass. Early in season, crabgrass is difficult to differentiate from desirable grasses. It is light green and normally grows near the street or parking where grass is not dense. In the fall, it becomes purple or brown-red and is generating seeds, awaiting warm spring temperature to grow. Regular weed control has no effect on that type of grass. Another partially controlled weed is oxalis, a lookalike clover with yellow flowers, in the warm summer months.


Why do I have weeds along the edge of the street and my parking?
It is often an area where the grass is not dense and often damaged during the winter. Furthermore, the very hot temperatures, dryness and sometimes a lack of soil under the lawn stimulate the growth of weeds. The seeds of crabgrass have space to grow..

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