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Acidity control-Lime treatment

We use the best quality lime called Neutramag. It is like a fifth lawn care treatment for a better looking lawn. Our lime is extracted from natural lime stone deposits, and contains two essential turf nutrients: magnesium and calcium. When put in contact with the soil moisture, it disperses in millions of micro-fine particles ready for immediate root feeding and will neutralize soil acidity which in turn promotes the multiplication of beneficial soil micro-organisms. Through greater micro-organisms activity, our lime will contribute to thatch break-down. Since thatch harbors insect pests and diseases, the lime treatment will contribute to the reduction of turf diseases and insect pests. The calcium nutrient is a major component of plants cell walls for which it acts as a skeleton. Consequently calcium’s nutrition contributes to plant resistance to diseases and traffic. The magnesium nutrient is essential for chlorophyll* formation and therefore contributes greatly to turf vigor and color enhancement.

*Chlorophyll: Plants green pigments.

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